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TON Down

On May 12, Pavel Durov broke lots of blockchain hearts when he officially terminated the Telegram Open...

Singapore Blockchain Week 2020 to assess the new reality for businesses and technology in...

Singapore will host the premier blockchain virtual event from July 21-23, organised and supported by...

Pavel Durov: TON Blockchain is ‘Over’

Telegram founder Pavel Durov shared some bad news about his company’s blockchain project.

DBS Bank Joins Blockchain Trade Network Contour

Contour, the R3 Corda-based blockchain trade finance network, has just bagged a new member.

Telegram Misses TON Launch Deadline and Offers Investors Payback Options

After missing another deadline for delivering its TON network, Telegram postponed the launch for another year, pushing it to April 2021.

Tencent Launches Blockchain Accelerator Program

Chinese internet giant Tencent has waded into the blockchain accelerator space. According to...

ICBC Unveils ‘First of Its Kind’ Blockchain White Paper

The world’s largest lender shared some of its thoughts on blockchain. The...

Chinese Blockchain Locomotion: DCEP, BSN, and non-stop blockchain

Speeding up its DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) initiative, China has appointed its payment giants along with four major banks to be responsible for issuing the CBDC and operating the infrastructure.

Andreessen Horowitz Seeks to Raise $450M for New Crypto Fund

One of Silicon Valley’s most prominent venture firms is looking to raise a new crypto fund.

China Unveils Members of Its National Blockchain Committee

China’s central government has finally unveiled the members of its national blockchain committee.


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