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NexChange Interview Series: John Probandt, BFD Inc.

"Sometimes it takes a big corporation two years to audit their books, with blockchain and...

Nutrition company is combating diabetes and improving health with technology

With 30% of the world’s population being obese or overweight, and 12% of the population...

Anti-COVID19 Vaccine, Economic Relief Efforts, & Celebrities Singing Online

Amid the pandemic and global health crisis, and markets turmoil, there are some positive moments to keep up with - after all.

Canon Receives FDA Clearance for AI-Fueled MRI Technology

Canon’s medical unit has just hit a new milestone. The Japanese imaging...

Boris Johnson Calls for a ‘Digital Dunkirk’ Against Coronavirus

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged several top tech firms to join the fight against...

Digital Wearable Creator Element Science Closes $146m Series C

Element Science, the seven-year-old wearable defibrillator maker, has just closed a massive funding round.

Uber Health Unveils New Patient-Centric Features

Building on its recent growth, Uber Health has developed several new features for clients.

Report: Beijing Rolls out Health Code System That Dictates Quarantines

Here’s one way to use the Alipay app. The New York Times...

Scientists Are Using AI to Predict Coronavirus’ Path

As the coronavirus continues to dominate headlines, scientists are pulling out all the stops to tackle...

AI Firms Deploy Fever Detection Tech to Help Combat Coronavirus

Beijing’s AI heavyweights are leading the city’s latest move against the Coronavirus outbreak.


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