Nutrition company is combating diabetes and improving health with technology

With 30% of the world’s population being obese or overweight, and 12% of the population in China suffering from diabetes, the industry needs not just an instant solution for such problems. Long-term weight management is the key: the new star of the wellness industry, BFD Inc, aims at making the world healthier with the help of blockchain and AI.

BFD Inc. is an innovative company that is aimed at changing daily nutritional routine and ensuring long-term weight management solutions. It addresses a global problem of the rising number of people who suffer from being overweight and obese, which causes complications and medical conditions such as diabetes.

With dozens of diets being out there for ages, and with numerous solutions for just instantly losing weight, the company offers a unique nutritional coaching system: dieters not only quickly reduce excess weight, but are also able to maintain a target level with the help of professional coaches and nutritionists.

The secret is in the abbreviation itself: letters B, F and D stand for “baby food diet”. Basically, the BFD system, which is thoroughly described in an associated book “The Baby Food Diet” written by the company’s CEO John Probandt, requires replacing two meals a day with special products, sold under the brand GLOW.

One meal is a protein drink – a powdered whey protein mixed with water. The other meal is patented probiotic pureed baby food in a squeezable pouch. Pre-packaging of these meals ensures automatic portion and calorie control. The products provide an instant boost of vitamins, probiotics and other nutrients. The third daily meal, lunch or dinner, is a normal one to which a dieter is used to.

The recipes are scientifically proven and patented. The protein and the baby food formula are developed under the control of Dr Satya Prakash: considered the Father of Probiotics and an internationally-acclaimed leader in microbiome research, Dr Prakash developed cholesterol-lowering probiotic which is the only probiotic in the world that received U.S. FDA safety approvals.

Along with the unique nutritional coaching model comes a tech-savvy solution: with the practical use of technology that will be implemented to track the life of the dieter on the blockchain, the BFD team will have greater control and traceability to understand the dieters and help coach them better to make adjustments. Additionally, AI technology is used on the big data to make suggestions to the nutritional coaches for their clients.

Blockchain is also used as a base technology for a track and trace platform to enhance the coordination of the logistics of the GLOW products.

Led by John Probandt, Founder, Chairman & CEO, who enjoys over 30 years of experience in investing in the fitness, health, nutrition, diet, bioscience, and finance industries, BFD Inc. is headed by a seasoned management team which consists of experts in health, nutrition, investment, marketing, and education.

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