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Coronavirus Tracking Raises Privacy Concerns

Since the whole world has turned to online activities, how secure is virtual conferencing, and is pouring so much private data to the internet still safe?

Canon Receives FDA Clearance for AI-Fueled MRI Technology

Canon’s medical unit has just hit a new milestone. The Japanese imaging...

Volkswagen to Launch Software That’ll Eliminate Accidents by 2050

German carmaker Volkswagen is looking to make car accidents a thing of the past.

Boris Johnson Calls for a ‘Digital Dunkirk’ Against Coronavirus

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged several top tech firms to join the fight against...

IBM’s Watson Can Now Understand Idioms

IBM really got their ducks in a row prior to Watson’s latest update.

Sea Trials Begin for Autonomous Ship’s ‘AI Captain’

After two years of training artificial intelligence models, electronics giant IBM and marine research organization Promare...

Study: Most Top AI Startups Are Based in the US

Here’s something that Beijing might find disagreeable. According to Bloomberg, the most promising artificial intelligence...

Waymo Raises $2.25B in First External Investment Round

There are big fundraising rounds, and there are BIG fundraising rounds. Waymo, the...

Report: Beijing Rolls out Health Code System That Dictates Quarantines

Here’s one way to use the Alipay app. The New York Times...

Google Launches Cloud Region in Seoul

Google’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in South Korea is officially open for business.


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