Probably Nothing (but definitely a big thing): Warner Music Partners with OpenSea to Push Web 3.0 Expansion for Artists

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Web 3.0 stance is getting rock-like with more world-famous brands coming into the space. 

Warner Music Group conglomerate just had a big announcement that definitely made a lot of Web 3.0 tech prophets’ hearts melt: the record label signed a partnership with NFT marketplace OpenSea to accelerate its artists’ expansion into Web3. 

The label artists, impressive list of which includes Madonna, Coldplay, Cardi B and Ed Sheeran, to name a few, will get an opportunity to be featured in Web 3.0 fashion and get early access to OpenSea fresh-off-the-press tools, allowing them to launch their NFT collections and limited-edition projects on their own customizable drops.

The first joint project in the major collaboration is already underway: a startup which is run by Jeremy Fall, celebrity restaurateur and Web 3.0 enthusiast, and called Probably Nothing, will work directly with artists and provide them with specific NFT Label Passes within the newly launched branch, Probably A Label.

Probably A Label’s mission is to leverage Web3 technology to allow artists and their fans to reclaim music ownership rights. Jeremy Fall has already embarked on a major Web 3.0 adoption mission with his 14 restaurants and the “Web 2.5” recipe which creates a sandbox for brands to co-create together with artists and innovators.

NFT platforms are a new and quite effective way for big label artists to engage with bigger tech-driven communities, expand their artistic presence and also onboard their yet “off Web 3.0” fans onto NFT platforms. 

Shiva Rajaraman, OpenSea’s vice president of product, stated:

“For artists and musicians, NFTs represent a new creative medium and a mechanism to build community, engage directly with fans, and express themselves across borders and languages.”
Other major record companies that flagged their Web 3.0 presence include Universal Music Group which signed a deal to allow its artists to release NFTs on music-centric NFT marketplace LimeWire. Earlier this month, Universal tapped Beyoncé’s music producers to helm Kingship, a virtual band based on Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT artwork.