Revix | One-Click Diversified Crypto Investing

Revix, who received investment backing from Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed Sabvest, enables everyday people to invest in passively managed diversified crypto Bundles that track the broader crypto market or a specific sector within the space. Think S&P500 for crypto without the fund structure.

They offer three crypto Bundles which achieve a similar outcome to that of index funds and provide low-cost diversified crypto exposure to several top cryptocurrencies in one investment with one click.

Sign-up is free – head over to, their verification process is effortless, the minimum investment is less than $40, and there are no monthly account fees.

“Diversification is always sound investment advice but for most people making their first foray into crypto investing it be confusing and more like gambling than investing, so that’s why decided to offer low-cost diversified Bundles.” Revix’s founder and CEO Sean Andrew Sanders noted.

“Crypto is revolutionising the way value is transferred throughout the world. It’s no mystery that crypto itself is very difficult to understand, not to mention the underlying blockchain technology that it operates on. The early adopters have included crypto assets as a key element in their investment portfolio for many years and reaped a remarkable reward for doing so,” Sanders noted, adding that this insight inspired the team at Revix to create and launch their easy-to-invest-in crypto Bundles.

Revix is accessible to everyone, the online platform is ideal for people who want to get started in crypto but are unsure how or where to start. Sanders continues “Our main focus at Revix is to make investing easier so that many more people have access and can take advantage of the massive opportunities in today’s markets.”

What’s great is that Revix’s algorithms automatically rebalance and reconstitute a customer’s Bundle holdings on the 1st of every month so that they are equally weighted and to ensure that they stay up to date with the fast-moving crypto market.

Sanders concludes “I left the world of traditional finance and investment banking to start Revix because Revix is a wealth generation company, which opens a door for everyone to securely invest in this new and evolving investment class. I believe this to be one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime. There is no bigger story in finance, as far as I’m concerned than the pending impact of blockchain and related technologies on the world. I believe decentralised trust platforms operated via cryptocurrency networks will spur the most significant changes in how society handles information since the Internet. All this will give rise to a new generation of global investors and business people hungry for opportunities that Revix will connect them too.”

More on Revix’s products

The Top 10 Bundle is like the S&P 500 for crypto and provides equally-weighted exposure to the top 10 cryptocurrencies, making up more than 85% of the crypto market.

The Payment Bundle provides equally-weighted exposure to the top five payment-focused cryptocurrencies including the likes of Bitcoin, XRP and Litecoin. These cryptos aim to make payments cheaper, faster and more global. This is suitable for those who believe crypto as a means of payment will eventually become universal.

The Smart Contract Bundle provides equally-weighted exposure to the top five smart contract-focused cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. Smart contracts have additional functionality built into them, to facilitate payments when certain predefined conditions are met.

Pax Gold is a 1:1 gold bar-backed crypto commodity where investors can take legal ownership of a fraction of a physical gold bar. The physical gold is securely in Brinks vaults in London.