US and Asian partners launch Nexyst, an institutional marketplace for digital currency asset managers

Oct 10, 2019  – Asia-based blockchain venture firm NexChange Group announced a partnership with New York alternative investment firm Horton Point to launch a state-of-the-art marketplace for the institutional digital asset management industry.

The Nexyst platform will provide seamless access to a broad range of professionally managed actively-traded crypto strategies and passive investment solutions. Nexyst will debut its initial offering in October 2019.

Nexyst is created to provide better transparency and to improve investment decisions for institutional investors interested in the digital currency asset class. 

The platform will enable qualified investors to perform online fund sourcing, due diligence and monitoring, and customize portfolios by a number of parameters such as risk, return, correlation, drawdowns and more. Nexyst utilizes proprietary enterprise-grade optimization technology powered by Eleven Marketplace OS to deliver fully customized portfolio solutions to each investor.

Nexyst will also provide fund managers with integrated access to CRM, data room, behavioral analytics and customer engagement solutions for enhanced marketing and investor relations. 

The Nexyst ecosystem is supported by an active global blockchain community developed by the NexChange Group.  Horton Point is responsible for manager sourcing and due diligence. In addition to a transactional component, the platform will provide manager research, value-added content and tools enabling both sides to interact efficiently.

“Our goal is to create a one-stop platform where qualified investors and fund managers can actively engage with each other in a secure and compliant manner,” said NexChange Group CEO and Nexyst co-CEO Juwan Lee.

“We see a tremendous opportunity in creating a professionally curated platform where qualified investors can make informed decisions about including this new asset class in their portfolios,” added Nexyst co-CEO and Horton Point CEO Dimitri Sogoloff.

About NexChange Group

NexChange Group is an Asia-based venture innovation and media platform with expertise in sectors including Blockchain and FinTech. It is led by Juwan Lee, an entrepreneur, blockchain influencer, and active investor with 30+ years experience in managing portfolios on behalf of VCs, hedge funds, asset management and principal investment firms. 

About Horton Point

Horton Point is a New York-based investment firm with an exclusive focus on alternative investments. Run by Dimitri Sogoloff, a 33-year veteran of the hedge fund industry, Horton Point’s investment team has over 150 years of institutional asset management experience.   

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