Domino’s To Expedite Pizza Delivery In Malaysia And Singapore Using Decentralized AI Service

Domino’s Pizza Inc. DPZ 1.58% operations in Malaysia and Singapore have partnered with SingularityNET, a platform for artificial intelligence (AI) services, to use decentralized AI to improve its last-mile delivery process. Though retail businesses working within the food niche like Walmart Inc WMT 1.1% or Carrefour have shown interest in decentralized solutions (blockchain is a decentralized ledger), this appears to be the first initiative where a company tests a decentralized AI solution.

“Our newest transformation effort is occurring in our operations function, where we are automating significant portions of our delivery operations and consolidating our operations centers. SingularityNET’s AI algorithms and services will allow us to explore these efficiencies at scale,” said Ba U Shan-Ting, the CEO of Domino’s Malaysia and Singapore operations, in a statement.

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Photo: Eduardo Francisco Vazquez Murillo