Peter Thiel-Backed Brex Acquires 3 Startups

Three-year-old corporate credit card developer Brex has just announced a slew of acquisitions.

The San Francisco-based startup recently revealed that it has acquired three companies to “add meaningful engineering and product talent to its ranks.”

Among the companies was Neji, a San Francisco-based startup that builds blockchain and networking technologies for businesses. Neji joins Brex to “redouble its security, privacy and risk posture.”

Compose Labs, another San Francisco-based startup, was another acquisition. It was added to the portfolio to “enhance Brex’s rapidly growing e-commerce product,” which was launched in February 2019. Compose Labs primarily powers next-generation video experiences, including the popular educational platform CommonLounge.

Finally, Brex acquired Landria, yet another San Francisco-based company. Landria essentially helps client firms manage and organize their SaaS tools, streamlining them into “a single cohesive experience with unified search and navigation.” It joins Brex to amplify the company’s core technology infrastructure.

Brex didn’t reveal how much it paid for the three firms, but we do know though that Brex has raised $315 million in equity and $300 million in debt from Kleiner Perkins and Y Combinator. PayPal co-founders Peter Thiel and Max Levchin also invested in the company.

Photo: Heisenberg Media