Chintai to Enter MAS FinTech Sandbox

Chintai is a Singapore based blockchain technology company that services compliance enabled issuance and secondary trading for tokenized securities and other digital assets. The company has developed and deployed high performance DLT (distributed ledger technology) exchange software for the past three years. They publicly announced their intentions to become a licensed exchange at the Singapore Blockchain Week, where they hosted a panel discussion with leading minds at the intersection of tokenized securities, compliance and DLT.

David Packham, CEO of Chintai, illustrated the Chintai white label service saying

“The same way Shopify enables merchants to easily sell and manage their products in a custom store front, Chintai services smart contracts and front-end management portals to rapidly issue compliance enabled digital assets.”

Chintai plans to enter the MAS FinTech sandbox to become a fully licensed exchange, issuer and custodian for tokenized securities and digital assets. The company also says it’s taking additional clients for their white label service, developing a network of regional partners and is looking for a lead investor for a Series A funding round.

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White Label Ready
Chintai is already providing white label services for issuance and secondary trading of digital assets, including tokenized real estate. They announced their first formal partnership with a company in the San Francisco Bay Area called CinderBlox. The pilot project entails issuance and trading for $27M of tokenized commercial real estate in Chicago.

“We’ve already seen a lot of interest in tokenizing real estate specifically – it’s not totally surprising since real estate is a very illiquid asset and requires a lot of upfront capital to attain. DLT can solve these issues with fractionalization and automation. In the near future we should see average retail investors getting exposure in their portfolio to the lucrative potential of real estate.”

– Ryan Bethem, COO of Chintai

Why Singapore?
The Chintai team is among hundreds of prospective candidates applying for licensure in Singapore. They cited “regulatory maturity” and Singapore’s reputation as a “center of innovation” as leading factors in their choice of jurisdiction. The team also says that among the reasons for slow industry level adoption of tokenized securities is lack of regulatory maturity and robust DLT to service institutional level demand. Chintai believes they have solved the technical side and look forward to building compliance enabled decentralized finance instruments that can change the way we issue, share, and store the world’s assets.

“Chintai technology alongside the Singapore regulatory framework is a perfect fit to begin fully embracing the potentials of tokenized securities. We’ve built our technology specifically to maximize the cost savings potential that can be gained by automating middle and back office administrative overhead. By proxy this technology ushers in a whole new level of regulatory oversight for financial markets while automating burdensome compliance requirements across the industry.”

– David Packham, Chintai, CEO

Chintai is currently taking new clients and seeking a lead investor for a series A. If you would like contact them with questions reach out to [email protected]

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