OKEx COO Resigns to Launch Blockchain Consultancy Institute

Andy Cheung, one of the world’s most influential people in crypto, has resigned as COO of cryptocurrency exchange OKEx to launch a blockchain consultancy institute.

“My goal is to drive mass cryptocurrency adoption,” said Cheung. “But my contribution can be very limited in a cryptocurrency exchange. I decided, and we agreed amicably, that I can better achieve my goals with a new venture. Still, it’s been an absolute pleasure to have served OKEx.”

Cheung, who had served various important roles prior to his tenure at OKEx, has launched BitWork, a Hong Kong-based consultancy which aims to assist blockchain companies realize their potential.

“The question I was always asked in OKEx was: How can my project get listed on your exchange? Like CZ (CEO of Binance) and a few more leaders in the industry, we always tell the teams that project quality is the key.”

“But how to improve the quality of a project? What do the markets need? BitWork will help answer and provide solutions to these questions. By helping more projects to get exposure and connecting them to different markets, we strive to facilitate mass crypto adoption.”

Bitwork will also provide individuals with the opportunity to access blockchain technology and help various groups incubate ideas in “building a mutually beneficial ecosystem.”

Photo: Temari 09