Libra Testnet ‘Going Strong,’ Boasts Over 51000 Transactions and 34 Projects

Regulators may think it’s the work of the devil but Facebook’s crypto project, Libra, has been “going strong.”

In an announcement, the Libra Association declared that the much-maligned venture has been “going strong,” adding that the Libra testnet has logged over 51,000 transactions and a slew of projects, including 10 wallets, 11 blockchain explorers, and two IDEs.

Michael Engle, the author of the announcement, thanked the developer community for helping Libra get to where it is, adding:

The success of the Libra project lies with the extended community that supports it. To help us build on our existing foundation by getting even more people involved, we recently held a Libra Core Summit with Libra Association technical team members. It was our first step towards a collaborative development plan for Libra Core and Move. In the future, we intend to continue to host events for all developers to discuss issues, challenges, and opportunities in the Libra ecosystem.

Engle also revealed that they have launched a “pre-mainnet” to demonstrate the network’s functionality. It purportedly makes it “easier and faster to test, troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve software edge cases.” At the time of writing, the pre-mainnet has seven deployed nodes, six in-process nodes, and eight in-process nodes that lack a development team. The association, he says, intends to deploy 100 nodes in the mainnet.

Photo: Marco Verch / Creative Commons 2.0