Telegram Finally Goes Public About TON Blockchain

Telegram has finally acknowledged its involvement in the Telegram Open Network (TON) Blockchain.

The encrypted messaging app giant mentioned TON and its native gram tokens in a terms of service (ToS) post for the Gram Wallet. The wallet, the ToS says, may be used as a standalone application or integrated into Telegram Messenger itself.

The ToS also says that Telegram will not collect personal information from users, adding that they are “solely responsible for managing and maintaining the security” of their credentials.

“If you lose your Credentials, we do not have the ability to recover your Credentials or assist you in retrieving your Credentials, and you may not be able to access your Grams.”

Furthermore, Telegram has “no control over the TON Blockchain network and therefore cannot ensure that any transaction details that you submit via the Services will be validated and confirmed on the TON Blockchain.”

Despite raising $1.7 billion to develop TON and the Gram token early last year, Telegram has been on the QT about them until today. As the Coin Telegraph notes:

Neither the company’s CEO, Pavel Durov, nor other company representatives have ever announced the project or commented on it.

They did, however, release codes and documents for a Testnet version of TON last month, allowing developers to check out a full node, a validator node, and the blockchain explorer.

Photo: Public Domain