London-Based AI Fund SkyMind Sets Its Sights on Southeast Asia

SkyMind Global Ventures (SGV) is looking to expand to Southeast Asia.

E27 reports that the London-based AI startup-slash-accelerator will be setting up shop in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Shawn Tan, SkyMind’s founder and CEO, says that his company “sees strong potential in Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region to build a thriving AI ecosystem,” adding “from talent to incubating innovative startups, this region requires the tools and expertise to become a global AI hub.”

Tan also believes that Malaysia has a lot of untapped potential with regards to AI talent and ecosystem, saying that SGV will use its London base to back R&D while helping generate business opportunities.

SkyMind launched an $800 million fund earlier this year aiming to back budding new AI companies and academic research around the world. It plans to train 200 AI pros in London and in Europe.

For Southeast Asia, a significant amount of SkyMind’s new fund will be set aside for the region.

Photo: IQRemix