MetaWeek Dubai Video Highlights: Digital Currencies Flow in Metaverse

    MetaWeek stage content never gets old! Check the video featuring the market leaders and their unique views on the current state of crypto flow.

    Jessica Walker of Fluid Finance led a sparkling conversation with Jason Luo, CEO of BitForex, Khaled Yassin, Chief of Trading for flovtec, Mamadou Toure, Founder, CEO of Ubuntu Group, and  Andrey Diyakonov, Chief Commercial Officer of Panelists discussed various types of digital currencies and the pace of adoption among different jurisdictions, countries, audiences and communities, the current state of liquidity, the role of stablecoins, backed by real-life assets, amidst the market volatility, how people need to educate themselves about crypto in regards to metaverse, and many more. Dive in for priceless insights from industry experts: