X METAVERSE Pro Launches New Ecosystem Built on DeFi 3.0 and Web 3.0

    United States, September 24, 2022/Press Release/ – – X METAVERSE Pro launches new ecosystem built on DeFi 3.0 and Web 3.0.

    X METAVERSE Pro is well aware that the global DeFi industry has stimulated a rise in enthusiasm for the blockchain’s underlying infrastructure. DeFi attracts the focus of financiers throughout the globe, who spent billions of dollars in the industry. With the ultimate goal of building a truly decentralized financial system, X METAVERSE Pro seeks to ease the process of investing in DeFi tokens worldwide. They hope to bring people from all over the globe who are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology together by creating a digital hub that serves as a meeting place for investors, developers, and crypto enthusiasts.

    X METAVERSE Pro is dedicated to identifying and developing unique and high-potential blockchain initiatives to foster substantial and long-term value expansion for DeFi and other tokenized applications. X METAVERSE INC is the parent company of a family of firms providing banking, insurance, trust, legal loans, real estate, and more, all powered by the cutting edge of blockchain finance technology.

    “With this endeavor, we aim to give the highest possible safety and usefulness to all of the users for viability. Through the power of blockchain, the entire X METAVERSE Pro ecosystem will be structured by projects revolving around X Metaverse, non-fungible tokens (X META NFT), X META GameFi, X META Exchange, X METAWORLD, crypto mining, digital insurance products, venture capital (VC) platforms, hosting platforms, X META SPAC, X META Social Trading, X META Copy Fund, X META Copy Portfolio, and the development of our flagship token, $XMETA. We believe in the future of blockchain that beholds the extensiveness of innovative technology. As DeFi rises in popularity, it is only logical for such benefits to be offered not only for the crypto enthusiast but also more conservative investors that would have normally not considered entering this market before.” said the Chief Executive Officer of X METAVERSE Pro.

    The X-METAVERSE PRO platform is developed by crypto enthusiasts and experts who have worked together to create a robust ecosystem for creating decentralized applications based on the DeFi 3.0 and Web 3.0 architectures (dApps).

    “The DeFi user interface in X METAVERSE Pro allows users to make additional income on their crypto holdings and is now accessible to everyone. After a successful soft launch, this will be the first time the platform is available to the general public. Using a weighted combination of multiple strategies, the DeFi platform seeks to maximize profits while minimizing risks. All I can say is that this fundamental approach streamlines the DeFi market operations and improves transaction processes in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

    By decentralizing the financial system, we make it more transparent, reliable, and easier to use. Using the most advanced blockchain technology, our decentralized platform lessens the likelihood of fraud, corruption, and mismanagement.” said the Chief Technology Officer in an open interview.

    The team behind X-METAVERSE PRO has used its collective expertise in a wide range of areas to develop detailed strategies for its four flagship initiatives. They aim to create the first virtual city that integrates banking and the Metaverse. With these ongoing endeavors, the sole native token of the ecosystem, $XMETA, will steadily increase in value.

    About X METAVERSE Pro

    X METAVERSE Pro is a decentralized platform that is built with a commitment to realizing the construction of X METAWORLD, a virtual city that promises an immersive 3D experience, as part of its effort to create a sustainable ecosystem. It is also known as a blockchain-based ecosystem that will incorporate many different types of digital assets, including but not limited to NFT digital collections, on-chain games, and many others.

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