SettleMint Pledges to Support, Nurture and Accelerate Blockchain Development in Africa

    Dubai, July 5th. Following the success of Africa Blockchain Week, and the abundance of interest generated, Belgium based Blockchain Platform as a Service company SettleMint is pledging to support, nurture and accelerate the development of blockchain rollout across Africa. There are clearly a wealth of use cases in all sectors, each with specific issues, that blockchain technology can concretely solve.

    For this reason SettleMint has been diligently working on building a carefully crafted offering to best serve organisations, businesses and institutions, in Africa and the Middle East by helping them get their blockchain concepts off the ground, rapidly and cost effectively.

    SettleMint is proposing, for a limited time, a unique package, Launch a Pilot, for ABCW attendees.  The goal of the Launch a Pilot scheme is to assist companies through an introductory 6-month blockchain proof of concept phase at a much reduced cost. Thanks to the SettleMint low-code, modular platform, and extensive catalogue of pre-built smart contract templates, projects can be set up with minimal turnaround time.  In addition to this we also have a comprehensive index of use cases across various industry verticals including; banking/finance, private sector, healthcare/life sciences and education, all of which ensures a rapid rollout of the PoC with no time wasted.

    This will allow customers to test and validate their blockchain deployment, in an agile manner, getting the answers they need quickly and efficiently. SettleMint will support them in every step of the process with 3 complimentary workshops of online coaching, with a dedicated specialist to make sure things stay on track and goals are met.

    Once the 6 month PoC has concluded they will have all the data and experience required to go ahead with the launch of a full-scale, Integrated blockchain pilot.

    With this initiative in place, SettleMint aspires to get African organisations a step ahead in the world of blockchain, and gain a substantial competitive advantage on the global stage.  To find out more about the Launch a Pilot offer, contact Sunath Kolazhi our VP of Sales for Africa and the Middle East, or check our site at

    Contact: [email protected] 

    Tel. +971 588 78 2621

    Sunath Kolazhi, VP of Sales for Africa and the Middle East said: “Blockchain technologies have evolved in a short period of time from being a fringe technology with unproven or misunderstood utility, to a foundational infrastructure that will provide a wide range of business solutions. The opportunities are huge on the African continent, as Blockchain based solutions will be a particularly good fit to a number of systematic issues affecting local economies. With this package that we specially tailored to our customers in the Middle East and Africa, we are confident that we will give the opportunity to local entrepreneurs to demonstrate the value of the approach to their businesses…”