EventX Looks Inside Asia’s Virtual Events Mindset in New White Paper

    EventX, Asias’ leading event management company, has released a new free white paper that examines how confident event organizers have become at running virtual events over the last year and what their plans are for running them moving forward.

    The Inside Asia’s Virtual Events Mindset study showcases several key insights on the behavior of Asia’s event organizers. These include the overall normalization of holding virtual events during 2020; a potential budget increase for virtual events compared to physical events; the growing importance of flexibility in virtual platforms for organizers; and the high level of confidence Asia’s organizers now have in their ability to run virtual events. As well as providing a general outlook for Asia on these subjects, several key territories were examined in greater detail including Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

    The study’s insights were based on responses given by international events industry professionals to a series of polls provided during the recent Event-Driven Growth In The Time Of COVID webinar held by EventX. The free webinar was attended by 239 participants from across Asia and further afield, providing a forum for event organizers to share their views on best practices for using virtual events to drive growth for their business. The webinar featured a panel discussion — moderated by EventX Content Marketing Manager Rick Boost — between EventX Co-Founder/CEO Sum Wong; Business Director at Morning Studio, SCMP Johnny Ng; and Managing Director of GL events China Ricky Wong. At intervals during the discussion, participants were polled on topics related to their activities holding virtual events and their plans for holding them in the year to come.

    Commenting on the white paper, Wong said, “EventX believes in unceasing innovation, both within our own platform and for the events industry as a whole. The Inside Asia’s Virtual Events Mindset white paper shows how Asia’s brands and agencies have not only realized the sheer potential of virtual events but have raised their own personal skill sets to match while updating their strategies accordingly. In the near future, EventX will be able to reveal some incredible news regarding our own upcoming innovations. But in the meantime, I hope the events community enjoys reading this white paper and is proud of what they have accomplished during a year of harsh circumstances.”

    So far this year, EventX has released two other white papers, Leading Event Trends in Asia 2021 and Event Industry Predictions for a Post-COVID Asia.

    The Event Industry Predictions for a Post-COVID Asia white paper is available for download at this link.

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    About the company

    Founded in 2014, EventX is one of the world’s leading providers of event management software solutions for both event organizers and participants. Catering to over 135 countries and organizing over 10,000 events with over 5M attendees, the award-winning company offers both virtual and hybrid event solutions used by all leading associations, event organizers, and trade bodies in Asia.

    With innovative features — such as interactive exhibition halls, dynamic virtual booths, online registration forms, webinars, and interactive virtual stages — EventX is the go-to service for many organizations attempting to broaden their audience into the Asia Pacific.

    With precise reporting and data analysis, the EventX platform provides companies with the ability to track and understand new and existing audiences with comprehensive reporting and dedicated customer success agents. Visit https://www.eventx.io for more information.

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