Video: G8C’s Juliet Adelstein at Hong Kong Blockchain Week

Hosted by NexChange, Hong Kong Blockchain Week gathered over 4000 delegates and more than 175 speakers from around the globe to explore the latest developments and insights in the ever-evolving, real-world applications of blockchain.

Among the event’s many, illustrious speakers was Juliet Adelstein, Chief Operating Officer of GanaEight Coin. Adelstein spoke about the evolution of gaming into blockchain, saying that “the iGaming world and the blockchain world are a match made in heaven,” adding that it was “one of those few circumstances in life where each gives more to the other industry than taking away from it.”

She went on to detail the multiple advantages of blockchain for iGaming players, but noted that “while this sounds fantastic for the players, think about what this means for operators and platforms themselves.” Curious? Check out her entire presentation: