Video: Fintech O2O: Blockchain and the Future of Finance

What is the future of finance in relation to blockchain? That’s the question Fintech O2O – a special event within Hong Kong Blockchain Week – aimed to answer.

The discussion was led by ConsenSys Director of Strategic Initiatives Charles D’Haussy and it featured True Global Ventures Founder Dušan Stojanović, SWIFT Managing Director Lisa O’Connell, and Smith + Crown CEO Brian Lio.

Stojanović shared that real estate and logistics use cases have caught his eye lately, while O’Connor spoke about improvements in a cross-border payments system as well as some pilot projects on the digitization of trade. All three however, brought up interesting questions: is it too early to speak about decentralised technology benefits? How can cross-industry collaborations help mass adoption? And what about consortiums being involved in fintech industry along with blockchain based companies? Have a gander: