NexChange’s head of content Olga Yaroshevsky sat down with Vlatko Gigov, CEO of to discuss the current state of gaming world, prospects of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, transition for traditional game developers to the world of blockchain based gaming, Play-to-Earn and Play-to-Learn strategies and even DeFi 2.0 and psychological aspect of healthy balance for Metaverse.

«The more people are engaged in DAOs and help advance this philosophical approach of the future of how governance and economical activities should be structured whether on micro and macro level, the better we will be.» is building a unique self-governed community for gamers, users and companies willing to expand their efforts to the decentralised, democratised digital world.

«We are able to take any game regardless of what type it is and introduce and integrate blockchain ledgers to actually be able monetise and transact amongst gamers inside and outside of the game. It’s one of the pillars of, the incubation efforts. We come in on early stages, mid stages and final stages of game development, and the fourth side which is blockchain integration of the games that are already developed and just want to experience that new momentum of the gaming world.»

Check the full video of Vlatko’s interview: