For those interested in more video outtakes from MetaWeek Summit in Dubai: here’s a special coverage on theme focused content from our featured speakers.

Vlatko Gigov, CEO of, delivered an insightful speech on the role of community and governance models in re-distributing value for current and future Metaverse & gaming ecosystems: “The valuation of the gaming industry in 2032 will be between 10 to 30 trillion. So the question remains: do we want that value to go back to corporations, or do we want that value to be equitably distributed to everybody that is participating in all of these industries? DAOs have the power to break the traditional system, we call it the legacy system, which has been standing for some time now, and re-distribute the trapped value more equitably.” 

The MetaWeek: Keynote – Ecosystem & Community Growth: Keys to a successful GameFi model

Another expert on Metaverse building, CEO of Pax World Frank Fitzgerald, stressed out a fact that if anyone would offer a precise description of what Metaverse will look like in 10 years – most probably, this person would be 100% wrong, as if it was another long-term stock market prediction. 

“The definition of Metaverse has yet to be out there,” said Frank. “When I think about it for myself though I like to simplify it in a way that we say a Metaverse is just a community who gather in 3D space. If we take that simple definition we have to think about that in the real world, which would be cities. For example, you got London, or Paris, or Dubai, and in these areas they each have their own architecture, their own entertainment systems, their own style, currency. I would go to Disneyland or Las Vegas for fun, I would go to Rome or Paris for culture and art, I would go to Zurich for banking. And I’m encouraging you as you’re meeting all these metaverse projects to think of each one as their own city and part of this overall world.”

The MetaWeek: Keynote – The Metaverse Today, Tomorrow And In 2030

Another industry that is experiencing a massive disruption by the occurrence of Metaverse and various streaming services is music. Musicians and artists explore numerous opportunities to interact with their audience directly, and not to share revenue or ownership rights with middlemen like record labels – all these and many other aspects were discussed during a panel discussion on how NFTs and other digital services challenge traditional music industry.

The MetaWeek: Panel – NFTs & Music: Challenges and Benefits for Traditional Music Industry