MetaWeek 2022: Highlights and Videos of Day 1

    It’s the Metaverse season for the UAE and for the global digital community. March 7 to 10, 2022, advocates of decentralized economy and Metaverse enablers came together to define the biggest trends and challenges for the aspiring industry of Web 3.0. 

    On March 8th, the stage at the Le Meridien Conference Centre in Dubai opened with a dazzling performance by Paris, top independent singer, digital artist who defines herself as MetaWoman and whose video “Together” exceeded 22 million views on Youtube.

    The MetaWeek: Artist performance – Paris

    Nuances of Metaverse integration became the main topics for stage discussions at MetaWeek Summit.

    “Meta meaning next and beyond, and universe – so basically Metaverse is the next universe. We’re excited about this because it takes 3D virtual reality networks and augments it, and allows us to be enhanced through social interaction,” said Juwan Lee, Founder and Chairman of NexChange Group during the welcome speech. “Metaverse is – whatever you imagine it can be.”

    The MetaWeek: Welcome speech

    Sheikh Almualla bin Ahmed Almualla, Managing Partner, Ghaf Capital, Member of the Royal family of the UAE, came up on stage and presented his vision on how parts of Metaverse interactions have already been widely present in our everyday lives, and which new things are being introduced now with emerging technologies and new ethic narratives of the virtual world:

    “Ownership of your identity, your value in the virtual world, your accounts, your assets – this is only now possible because of the blockchain technology, trustless decentralized system, where you can be sure that the information is stored safely, away from middlemen which can interfere with your progress. If you build something special, you can be sure that it will always remain yours.”

    The MetaWeek: Keynote – Path To A Meaningful Metaverse

    Over the course of 2 days of the MetaWeek Summit (March 8-9) experts managed to bring to everyone’s attention aspects of communities governance standards and DAOs, NFT applications for entertainment, music, art and retail, investment into GameFi and sophisticated play-to-earn games, real estate in Metaverse and DeFi as a backbone for the new virtual reality realm.